Exploration in Essential Oil Education

Exploration in Essential Oil Education

Exploration in Essential Oil EducationExploration in Essential Oil EducationExploration in Essential Oil Education

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Three Aromatherapy Certifications


Becoming an Aromatherapist enables you to use your skills and knowledge to help others reduce their stress, manage pain, detoxify the body and improve quality of life through the use of nature's therapeutic essential oils.

Supporting Cancer Care with Essential Oils


Explore the healing qualities of certain essential oils. The historical and current use of essential oils for cancer care are reviewed. The essential oil chemistry, quality standards, safety and research are discussed especially as they relate to specific cancers and symptomology.

Energy Healing Intensive


Learn how aromatherapy is integrated with energy healing for body, mind and spirit. Understand healing as a vehicle for delivering essential oils to the energetic field as well as the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.


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Would you like to learn more about Essential Oils and their uses in your life?

There is much more to Essential oils than the traditional Aromatherapy of putting a few drops into an oil burner to fragrance the air.

In ancient times they were known to cure everything from gout to a broken head!

Essential Oils have a wide range of functions. They work by enhancing your bodies own natural abilities to bring itself into homeostasis. Homeostasis is the body's natural ability to regulate it's inner environment, and ensure its stability in response to the fluctuations of its outside environment, whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual stimulus.

Oils affect our body:

  • Physically by being: anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and more.
  • Emotionally they can help to bring you back into balance, clear old patterns and beliefs, uplift your mood and reduce anxiety.
  • Spiritually they have such a high vibration they aid in moving you into a spiritual state and are often used during meditation or prayer to connect with the divine. eg: Churches use Frankincense to purify in ceremonies.


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Exploration in Essential Oil Education

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