Supporting Cancer Care with Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils to support Cancer Care

This course explores the healing qualities of certain essential oils helpful for the physical body with a focus on the oncology population.

 The historical and current use of essential oils for cancer care are reviewed. The essential oil chemistry, quality standards, safety and research are discussed especially as they relate to specific cancers and symptomology.
This class is supporting cancer care with essential oils not curing cancer. 

Course Objectives

The participant will:

  1. Identify specific essential oils that can aid in cancer care.
  2. Explore history, quality, uses, safety and grades of essential oils.
  3. Discuss clinical uses of certain essential oils for the oncology population.
  4. Practice healing techniques utilising essential oils for cancer care.
  5. Explore current research of essential oils for specific cancers and symptomotology.

Course Content

Review of essential oils and their history, quality indicators, methods of obtaining as well as uses in French and British models; differentiate between therapeutic and fragrance grade oils based on chemistry and uses; clinical uses and safety factors for essential oils as they relate to cancer care; current research on essential oils for specific cancers and symptomotology.