Energy Healing Intensive

The Course

This course provides a basic & advanced understanding of energy healing as taught in the ISHA certification in clinical aromatherapy program and focuses on how aromatherapy is integrated with energy healing for body, mind and spirit. 

Emphasis is on laying a foundation for understanding energy healing as a vehicle for delivering essential oils to the energetic field as well as the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 

Case management and case study process are introduced with a 6 month mentorship/apprenticeship as preparation for later entering the aromatherapy instructor program.

Is This For Me?

This class is for CCA Students and Graduates who

  • Cannot access Healing Touch or Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry courses and who desire more knowledge about energy healing for their healing practice

  • or who need a more extensive background in energy healing as a preparation for entering the ISHA CCA Instructor program.


  • Must have completed Level 1, 2 & 3 in the ISHA Clinical Aromatherapy Program.

  • Either some kind of healing practice – massage, nursing shiatsu, etc OR plans to establish a healing practice.