Wendy, Queensland

I love essential oils however my efforts to learn more about these little bottles of awesomeness left my head spinning with the overwhelming amount of information available especially through online resources and subsequently left me questioning the validity and reliability of this information.

So … my quest to further my education and understanding about essential oils led me to Karen Bysouth from ISHA Australia which has taken me on an journey of discovery and learning with the accredited and internationally recognised Clinical Aromatherapy course which I started in October 2015. The in-classroom workshops provide the opportunity of having face to face teaching with Karen and the inspiring and incredible teachers Pat Springer and Linda Smith from the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy (ISHA). This is a well balanced curriculum that provides professional guidance and support from Karen and the ISHA team.

This is just a teaser of what’s to come, if you want to find out more, call Karen today ⎼ her passion for helping you achieve optimal health and wellbeing in all areas of your life with the knowledge and skills you learn from the Clinical Aromatherapy course is truly worthwhile and yes I have to say it - amazeballs

Belinda, Queensland

My journey into aromatherapy started 18 months ago after working in the aged care  industry. I wanted to do something that would make a positive impact on peoples health. I am constantly amazed at how essential oils and energy healing can be used to benefit the body, mind and spirit.

This is absolutely the best and most interesting course I have ever done and is life changing. You will never look at your health, or other peoples health the same way again.

The teachers are brilliant, Karen is fabulous and there is a great support network with fellow students. 

I love being able to give people a natural option when looking after their health, and to help make the change to a healthier and happier life.

Do the course.....put in the study hours....you will never regret it. This is the medicine of the future. 

Vicki, NSW

As a student of ISHA Australia I would highly recommend this course to anyone who really wants to learn about Aromatherapy and Spiritual Healing. 

I carefully looked around before settling on this course and I am so glad I did. It is most definitely a great of work but I have never enjoyed learning something so much and as I wish to practice as a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist when I am qualified, I want to be as knowledgeable as possible.  With the information I am learning, I feel very confident in the knowledge I am gaining from this course. 

Karen and the teachers are extremely helpful and even sending emails to the USA, they are generally answered within a day. If you are serious about Aromatherapy, I would highly recommend studying with ISHA Australia.

Gail, Queensland

The best decision I made was to embark on my own personal journey by enrolling in the Certificate in Clinical Aromatherapy.  I have found my calling in life.  

 It is the only course that incorporates energy healing using essential oils.  Oh my goodness, you just have to experience this.  It brings together mind, body and spirit in an holisitic approach to health care.  If you are prepared to commit and put in the hard work the rewards will speak for themselves.  Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.  If this is what you want to do, go for it!  

Shona, Perth

I recently attended the Module 3 in Clinical Aromatherapy class in Melbourne. Karen Bysouth has done a wonderful job of organising and administrating this course. Karen co ordinates venues, students and international teachers with seamless ease. I felt very looked after, coming over from Western Australia . I have had the pleasure of experiencing both teachers from Isha, Pat Springer for 310 and 302 and Linda Smith for 303. Both women are a fountain of knowledge which they impart in an easy to learn style, which I found very enjoyable. I can highly recommend this course to future students.

Naomi, Perth

I had been using essential oils for myself, family and friends for 3 years.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt so much more about EOs and their uses.  The healing touch was completely new to me, now I have used it several times with great success.  The workload was very manageable to fit in and I look forward to using my new knowledge many times in the future.